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As the Port of Rome, the City of Civitavecchia is the gateway to one of the most spectacular and fascinating destinations on the globe. Yet Civitavecchia itself has several places of interest well worth a visit, if you have a few hours to spend at the beginning or end of your vacation. Stroll through the city center, preferably with a map, and you will see ruins of the old city walls, Benedict XIV's fountain, ancient buildings such as the lovely hospital, pretty piazzas and a splash of Italian life.  So if you combine a stroll through the town with a seafront sunbathing session you will have a great day ashore,

Forte Michelangelo

The 16th Century fortress named Forte Michelangelo towers over the harbor.  It was started by Pope Julius II and finished in 1535 by Giulano Leno.  The middle tower was designed by Michelangelo. Built on the ruins of Roman barracks of the Imperial Fleet, the fortress is made from walls over 6 metres in depth. Opening times are somewhat variable, so be sure to check in advance to avoid disappointment.

Cathedral of San Francesco d'Assisi

The Franciscans constructed Cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi on an earlier 17th Century church. The Baroque-Neoclassical design of the building attracts many visitors. The foundation stone was laid by Pope Gregory IX in 1228, and the cathedral was completed in 1253. The cathedral features interesting frescos and stained glass windows.

The Archaeological Museum of Civitavecchia

This is located in an eighteenth Century building once owned by Pope Clemente XIII and constructed to house the papal garrison.  It is a good setting for the display of items largely dated from Estrucan and Roman times.

Civitavecchia Old Town

Civitavecchia was heavily bombed during the second world war, but huge squadrons of Flying Fortress bombers. But a small of the medieval town remains start at Piazza Leandra, wander through the Archetto Passage to reach the Piazza Saffi.

Civitavecchia Beach

Civitavecchia Beach enjoyed a golden age during the mid 20th century as the Lido of Rome.  On a sunny summer day, it's an enjoyable spot to relax. Steps leading from the coastline pavement, just opposite the train station, lead down to the beach. The water is very clear and popular with swimmers.

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