Los Angeles Shore Excursions                    

San Pedro

Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Be introduced to  the history of the harbor of Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, situated in the old Municipal Ferry Terminal. See hundreds of displays like machines, photographs, old documents and models of historic vessels and boats. Sited by Harbor and 6th around 1/2 mile southwards from the cruise terminal.

Ports O' Call

Planned to resemble a New England coastal village, Ports O' Call makes an enjoyable outing. It has many bars, shops, restaurants and galleries, connected by charming cobblestone paths. There’s also a quay for boat journeys day trips to Catalina, around the bay and whale watching cruises. The village is nearly a mile south of the cruise terminal.

Abalone Cove

Abalone Cove is a lovely beach, with a fine coastal setting, great views over Catalina island and radiant sunsets. Nearby Sacred Cove is the place for enjoyable rock pooling. 4 miles west of San Pedro cruise port.

Red Car Trolley Ride

The Waterfront Red Car Line is a 1.5 mile long trolley service running between the World Cruise Center and the Marina. The trolley stops by the LA Maritime Museum and Ports O' Call. The Red Cars are completely restored to their previous glory, complete with upholstered wooden seats, hardwood paneling and ornate brass fittings. 

Long Beach

Queen Mary

In 1936 RMS Queen Mary started service for the famed Cunard Cruise Line and the ship sailed the oceans formore than thirty years, including a period of military operations during World War II. RMS Queen Mary crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than a thousand times, posting crossing time records on many occasions. In the late 1960s Queen Mary arrived in Long Beach to become  museum and art deco hotel. 

Positioned next to the cruise port.

Shoreline Aquatic Park and Aquarium of The Pacific

Learn about the frigid seawater of the North Pacific, the warm waters of  California and the fascinating reefs of the Tropical Pacific at this wonderful aquarium. Observe the ocean’s scariest predators in the big Shark tank. Subsequent to your trip to the aquarium stroll through bordering Shoreline Aquatic Park, an attractive green space with an outlook over the sea.  Positioned just across the bay from the Long Beach cruise port, around 2 miles by car.

Rancho Los Cerritos Ranch

Constructed in 1844, the ranch house and grounds of Rancho Los Cerrotos Ranch echo with the rich history of a mixture of  Mexican, American California and Spanish origins. The rooms are authentically furnished to show the life and times of both the owners and the workers of old-style ranch. Sited about 5 miles north of the Long Beach cruise terminal.

Ride through Naples on a Gondola

There are about a mile of canals in Naples, comprised of the short Naples Canal and the large Rivo Alto Canal.  An authentically dressed Venetian-style gondolier makes a great boatman.

Gondolas for rent are on offer adjacent to the Bayshore Aquatic Playground Park. Or you can rent a canoe at the park, for a lot less. Positioned about 2 miles eastwards of Long Beach cruise terminal.

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